Cost saving strategies for your small business travel

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, saving money across your travel program has never been more achievable.

SMART Corporate Travel is the small business travel solution brought to you by award-winning Corporate Travel Management (CTM). Here, CTM’s General Manager (Queensland) Craig Southee outlines some cost-saving strategies you can implement immediately to effect substantial savings.

Small businesses often face challenges when trying to reduce their travel costs, due to limited buying power and time-poor employees. Now, new supplier initiatives combined with CTM’s custom-made small business travel solutions are giving small businesses greater budget control and more choice than ever before.

  • Airlines: The airline industry has now structured its SME loyalty programs to give more back to small businesses. This is through either percentage discounts across a wider selection of fare types or centralised points earnings systems whereby the company benefits from their individual travellers’ mileage. This “double dipping” concept is something SMEs have been asking for over a decade, and now they have it. Talk to us about optimising the right program for your business and take advantage of the savings and value-adds to be enjoyed.
  • Hotels: Now it’s time for businesses to optimise their hotel spend. Small businesses now have the luxury of comparing a range of hotel rates via an online booking tool to determine the best possible rates for their needs. It’s easy to search and compare hundreds of options in one platform. A simple trick to get the most out of your bookings is to filter your options based on a selected range of criteria, such as price, location or star rating.
  • Mobility: Small businesses rarely sit still. The SMART Corporate Travel mobile app drives efficiencies to small businesses by putting all of your travel options in the palm of your hand, 24/7. Not only can you now access more choice and the best travel rates, but you can also enjoy the efficiency of booking travel whenever and wherever you need it.




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