SMART Corporate Travel highlights on-time performance

In our recent Client Survey*, while price, loyalty programs and comfort were highlighted as important factors to consider when selecting an airline, over 43% of respondents consider flight schedules and on-time performance (OTP) to be the most important influence in booking a flight.

The importance of OTP to travellers is again highlighted by the 30-page OAG Punctuality League Report released yearly. In 2019. Through our creators Corporate Travel Management, SMART Corporate Travel are proud to be partnered with three of the top 20 airlines for global on-time performance including Qantas Airways (QF), Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Delta Air Lines (DL), and two of the top 10 airlines for OTP in the Asia Pacific region: Qantas Airways (QF) and Singapore Airlines (SQ).

Understanding the importance of OTP to our customers, and as part of our commitment to providing technology products that enhance the travel experience, SMART Corporate Travel provides an easy display of average OTP for regular flights.

Make informed choices with SMART Corporate Travel.

Displayed conveniently on the flight booking page you will find each service’s on-time departure percentage, pulled from our integration with Flight Stats and colour-coded for easy identification.

This feature is designed to directly assist travellers and travel bookers to make the best possible choices based on their needs. By providing greater confidence in on-time arrival, many businesses see that small differentials in price are negated by increased productivity, less likelihood of missing meetings and important events and savings on future rescheduling costs that may arise.

Lightning OTP

The Client Survey* also highlighted flight changes and delays as the worst part of travelling for 20% of our respondents, a sentiment well-known the world over by business travellers. Using this small but important feature in SMART Corporate Travel can help you make more informed travel choices and minimise disruptions to your travel plans, especially when making connecting flights.

Other inbuilt content in SMART Corporate Travel includes the display of in-flight features such as meal availability or inclusions, Wi-Fi, power outlets and entertainment options across each fare and travel class.

*SOURCE: CTM 2019 Client Survey


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