Ten podcasts for busy business travellers

Are you sick of listening to the same playlist over and over? Do you want to make those hours of business travel more productive?

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, often attributed to the ability for people to multitask while listening; earning podcasts the label of “the new radio”. Research shows that nearly 30% of Australians have listened to a podcast and 17% have listened to at least one podcast in the last month. With so many types and genres on offer, it can be hard to work out which podcast is right for your interests.

We’ve put together a list of ten weekly or bi-weekly podcasts, the length of an average SYD-MEL flight, we recommend for busy business travellers. Whether you want to maximise your time and learn more about business or simply enjoy some easy listening, enjoy this popular mix of entertaining, educational and ‘entertainingly educational’ podcasts.

But first, you will need to have a platform to listen to your podcasts on. For Apple users, Apple Podcasts is a free app that is preloaded onto your iPhone. Alternatively, Android users have a similar built-in app, Google Play Music. Both apps have similar features allowing you to subscribe to your favourite podcasts, download episodes, and fast forward, skip and rewind.


1.    Freakonomics Radio


Top Eight Podcasts for Business Travel Freakonomics Radio


2.    Decrypted



3.    No Such Thing As A Fish


Top Eight Podcasts for Business Travel No Such Thing as Fish


4.    Hamish & Andy


Top Eight Podcasts for Business Travel Hamish & Andy


5.    StarTalk Radio


Top Eight Podcasts for Business Travel StarTalk


6.    Foundr Magazine Podcast


Top Eight Podcasts for Business Travel Foundr Magazine


7.   Download this Show – ABC RN




8.    The Betoota Advocate Podcast




9.    The Tim Ferris Show




 10.    All In The Mind







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